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Nice information about IBM/Lenovo laptops, via The Register reporting on a recent reliability survey.

I’ve had a series of Thinkpads. I think the first was a 770 (prior to joining IBM)… then a T23 running Windows and Linux; a T30 which I handed in to go back to the T23 because the screen resolution of the LCD panel was better; a T40 which I used as a workhorse until recently; and now a T60p. Those were all work-supplied; at home we’ve got an R40, which has survived drops, tumbles off the sofa, etc..

Every one of the machines has been rock-solid. In fact I don’t remember any particular hardware-related problems, except for the Ethernet port on the T40 stopping working after about 3 years (and I was mostly using wireless by that point anyway). I can’t say I haven’t had occasional OS-related problems, but then I do some pretty unusual stuff with software on my laptop!

Although some other brands look fairly shiny – Sony, Samsung, HP are turning out some very nice glossy-looking machines at the moment – I have to say that I don’t think you can beat the Thinkpads, especially the T-series line which I’ve been able to use on a daily basis for the past 5 years.

What’s next? 🙂

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One day in history

I’ve signed up to support History Matters. It is a campaign to raise awareness of the impact and relevance of history to our lives, and to get more people involved in the heritage of England and Wales. As a student of history it is hugely important to me that we don’t just rush on headlong through our lives without pausing to think about the impact of the past, and the impact that we are leaving on others’ past.

Today is One Day in History. It is an ordinary Tuesday with no particular significance. The idea is that we can all go and record the events of the day as we experienced them, on a mass blog that will be kept on record in the British Library. I’ll certainly be recording my entry later.

Update: link to BBC coverage.