Daily Archives: October 18, 2006

I’m on ibm.com…

There’s a blogging feature on ibm.com at the moment. Worth a look…

(there’s a plain HTML version and a PDF version, too)

By the way, we also moved the IBM blogroll. It has been updated to enable you to grab the feeds for the bloggers you are interested in directly from the directory page.

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Changing daylight saving time

Bobby Woolf notes that the US is changing the cycle of Daylight Saving Time in 2007.

This change affects my favourite product. The details are in this Technote. Basically, the Java VM needs to be upgraded, and certain MRM message sets will also be affected – a new fixpack will become available in advance of March 2007 when the DST change comes into effect.

Worth noting that WebSphere MQ may be partially affected, too… in this case it is just the JVM which may be an issue, not MQ or the MQ Java or JMS classes themselves.

Of course, whether this DST change will have a significant impact on US energy usage is a debatable point…

Broker + Registry

I’ve recently blogged about WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, and I’ve also mentioned the support that has been added to WebSphere Message Broker in order to use the Registry and Repository.

Now, there’s a new developerWorks article on this combination. As soon as I find time, I really need to step through it. I’ve installed the Registry and Repository already, I have the SupportPac; I just need the opportunity to use the two together!