I’m on ibm.com…

There’s a blogging feature on ibm.com at the moment. Worth a look…

(there’s a plain HTML version and a PDF version, too)

By the way, we also moved the IBM blogroll. It has been updated to enable you to grab the feeds for the bloggers you are interested in directly from the directory page.

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4 thoughts on “I’m on ibm.com…”

  1. Nice one… I really should get my IBM blog up-todate and maybe oneday decide what I’m going to talk about on my personal blog.. I also keep thinking about blogging on one of my other domains enterprisedataintegration.com..

  2. […] I know that a few people from both of my Internet weblogs have been asking about this for quite some time and so far I have been given out bits and pieces of information hoping that one of these days I would be able to show you a much more complete picture. Well, one of these days is actually today and coming through to you straight from ibm.com. Andy Piper, one of my fellow IBM colleagues and a prolific weblogger, has already been talking about this.Yes, indeed, from now onwards you would just need to head over to IBM’s main homepage to be able to find an IBM’s blogroll with a whole bunch of links, and RSS feeds, to a good number of IBMers weblogging away out there in the wild blogosphere. Yes, that is right, this is just that weblog post to help answer the question that I keep getting every now and then: "Where can I find some more IBM blogs?" Well, now directly from IBM. […]

  3. Well, it also talks about corporate attitudes to blogging, which is always interesting. And you might find some other IBM bloggers you find interesting. And you might want to explore the new blogroll. And, as Kelly says, the graphics are very nice…

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