I’m on ibm.com…

There’s a blogging feature on ibm.com at the moment. Worth a look…

(there’s a plain HTML version and a PDF version, too)

By the way, we also moved the IBM blogroll. It has been updated to enable you to grab the feeds for the bloggers you are interested in directly from the directory page.

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4 thoughts on “I’m on ibm.com…

  1. Nice one… I really should get my IBM blog up-todate and maybe oneday decide what I’m going to talk about on my personal blog.. I also keep thinking about blogging on one of my other domains enterprisedataintegration.com..


  2. Well, it also talks about corporate attitudes to blogging, which is always interesting. And you might find some other IBM bloggers you find interesting. And you might want to explore the new blogroll. And, as Kelly says, the graphics are very nice…


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