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Interview with SL musician Mel Cheeky

Last weekend I attended a couple of gigs in the virtual World of Second Life (I blogged about them already). Since then, I’ve been talking to Melanie Fudge and trying to line up an interview with her alter ego, the avatar Mel Cheeky. Last night I sat down with her at her Cloud Station on the Music City sim, to talk about her life, her music, and her Second Life experiences. Read on for the interview…

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Hello, and welcome

In case you have just found my blog, I thought I’d do a quick intro. Long-term readers, look away now.

I work for IBM. In my role as a consultant with IBM Software Services for WebSphere, I spend my time working with our customers to design, build and deploy solutions that use the WebSphere product suite. In particular my background is around the WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker products, but I also have an interest in solutions which span the entire WebSphere and wider IBM Software portfolio.

More on my background can be found on the About page.

As well as my work, you’ll be reading about my technology interests, which are fairly varied; various world or local events I may pick up on; and photography. I’m a keen amateur photographer – check out my Photography page and my Flickr photo stream for more on this.

If you are interested in what you read on my site, please do feel free to comment on my posts, or to leave a comment on my Guestbook page.

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The BBC’s new spin-off from Doctor Who, Torchwood (spot the anagram), starts on Sunday. The trailers look flash.

Bad: I’m away this weekend; plus, we don’t get digital, and this is on BBC3. Any news on whether it will hit traditional BBC channels any time soon?

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