Hello, and welcome

In case you have just found my blog, I thought I’d do a quick intro. Long-term readers, look away now.

I work for IBM. In my role as a consultant with IBM Software Services for WebSphere, I spend my time working with our customers to design, build and deploy solutions that use the WebSphere product suite. In particular my background is around the WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker products, but I also have an interest in solutions which span the entire WebSphere and wider IBM Software portfolio.

More on my background can be found on the About page.

As well as my work, you’ll be reading about my technology interests, which are fairly varied; various world or local events I may pick up on; and photography. I’m a keen amateur photographer – check out my Photography page and my Flickr photo stream for more on this.

If you are interested in what you read on my site, please do feel free to comment on my posts, or to leave a comment on my Guestbook page.

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5 thoughts on “Hello, and welcome”

  1. Nice to meet you Andy. I googled my way here after I read about the Bloc party on w3.

    cool layout, which wordpress template is this? =)

  2. You know, I never realized you were in services… shame on me. On a different topic, I’m thinking of replacing my Canon G1 with something newer/faster. I was looking at the Canon SD5xx to 9xx because the small form factor ensures you have it on you when needed. But are there other brands I should be looking at? (all my gear -digital/35mm- is Canon…)

  3. I have to say that my choice of a compact would be a Canon IXUS (SDxxx in the US and Canada), so good option there. Otherwise I’d look at a Nikon Coolpix Sx or possibly a Panasonic – one of my colleagues just picked up the DMC LX2 and it looks very nice, and it is pretty compact (not as compact as an SDxxx though).

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