Daily Archives: October 23, 2006

MySpace – what’s all the fuss?

MySpace has been hot news over the past year or so.

I’ve got a profile, but I have to say that I’m not using MySpace much. Like my Live Space, it basically points back here.

What’s wrong with it? For a start, the interface is terrible. The customisation features are poor and there’s next to no (easy-to-find) help. There doesn’t appear to be a way to subscribe to a MySpace blog using a feed. I have no idea how to get at the email without going through the MySpace site.

Ted Demopoulos appears to agree.

So – what is all the excitement? Do you have a MySpace profile? Do you like the interface? Someone explain this to me!

(oh, and if you are on MySpace, feel free to friend me!)

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Flickr-capable photo frame

This looks great – an LCD photo frame that you point at your Flickr photostream. Pricey, though.

I’ll upload some of the photos from our weekend away in Poole over the next couple of days.