MOO goes Skype

Not content with introducing Flickr MiniCards, MOO have just launched Skype MiniCards, too. If you are quick, you might just get in on the promotion and get your free pack of 10…

The interface for ordering is just as nice as for Flickr. You choose your phrases (type your own, ask for some random ones to be provided, or look at the current top 10); choose a colour and a text style; and then just add your details on the flipside.

I’m not sure I’ll get a large number of these – I’m fairly close to ordering another 100 Flickr MiniCards, though…

Another thing not to miss is the Moognets mod that Meg Pickard came up with.

Whilst we’re all here: anyone worked out how to get a feed of the MOO blog?

4 responses to “MOO goes Skype

  1. Have you gone through all 100 of your original Moo order already?


  2. Getting there. No, probably less than halfway. There are some I really want to keep. I just want enough not to worry about giving them away!


  3. My 10 are on the way. Gotta catch em all. Cute, innit?


  4. I definitely think these guys are onto something. I’m not really a Skype user but I choose the non-Skype-specific speech bubble and stuck some other contact details on the back. Not as nice as the Flickr cards, but these are cool nevertheless.


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