Moleskine your London

One for Roo, Sacha and others…

I’m getting caught up in the hype around Moleskine notebooks. I think I want one, but I can’t quite quantify why. I’ve also found it very hard to find them in the shops… I found a few in Selfridges, but can’t seem to find them closer to home. As I get more into offline blogging, I frequently want to jot down a thought, so a nice portable notebook does appeal. They look nice.

(someone jump in and convince me – it shouldn’t take much)

Moleskine have just come out with City Notebooks, and naturally there’s a London version. Since I travel in and out of London regularly, this seems like an obvious choice. Not clear on the size though – is this pocketable, or something I need to carry in my bag?

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13 thoughts on “Moleskine your London”

  1. Get one. Get two in fact. Plain and squared. The city notebook looks fun too. I’m going to do a Moleskine post some time (Sacha has a good one somewhere). You may have just tipped me over the edge.

  2. I love Moleskines … I use the quad-ruled ones. I have one for the computer bag, and one for my purse. You never know when a random silly thought will occur. πŸ™‚

  3. I have lots.. I have one for my cooking.. I use the diary one (day to a page) for my work task planning, I use one for stuff to do to my house and life.. I keep one for magic notes and ideas, I keep another for magic type ‘mental and mind reading’ stuff, and I have one for names and addresses.. as well as the one I keep for storging my expenses (it just got pockets)..

    You can get them in pretty much every waterstones, as well as most john lewis stores..

    or.. email me and I’ll throw it in the internal post πŸ˜‰

  4. onthe city of london versions.. i think they come in both sizes.. the larger and the smaller.. the smaller is pocketable.. size of a large pocket diary.. and the larger one is an in your bag job..

  5. Ah, good comments everyone, thanks.

    I’ll start checking Waterstones. Once I can convince myself that I really need one (or two, or three, as is becoming apparent)…

  6. I don’t what it is about them, either. Essentially, it’s a sensibly-sized notepad and the City ones have filofax style bits in them too.

    But, of course, Hemingway and his like used them, so we will become pre-eminent authors by using them (to note down the DVD you spotted in Virgin but want to purchase from Amazon, or scribble some notes that will never get turned into anything greater)…

    (I have four.)

  7. So I thought I’d pick up a London one as a gift for someone.

    Waterstones and Books etc. near Bond St tube both have lots and lots of the rest of the range, but no City notebooks.

    I schlepped over to Selfridges. No sign of City notebooks. So I asked. They had one single London book (plus one Madrid, and one Barcelona). I would have taken 2, and kept one for myself.

    Hard to find, still.

    It looks pretty nice. The maps are not as detailed to an A-Z, but they are clear. I think I’d get one to keep if I could! In the meantime I’ll save up ready for getting a stack of the other types, too.

  8. Excellent tip, thanks for the link.

    I am now the proud owner of a small plain Moleskine, and a larger squared one, at the advice of the eminent Mr Roo. I’d still love a city one, but can’t seem to find a London one.

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