Torchwood initial review

I was going to write up my thoughts on last night’s first two episodes of Torchwood, but bsag has done a good job already. If you are interested, go have a read. I added a comment on the post with my own opinions.

(I thought it was very good, by the way)

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2 thoughts on “Torchwood initial review”

  1. Ok, this is sad, they wont let you look at the site unless you are in the UK.

    I take it this is the show that spun off from the latest series of Dr Who with Captain Jack as the main character.

    Looks good from what I saw of it which is mainly pictures of Captain Jack posing with guns.

  2. Yes, that is amazingly sad – and silly really… I think I remember from the credits that it is a joint production with a Canadian company.

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