Fedora Core 6 round-up

I set my home workstation downloading the FC6 DVD ISO yesterday morning. I have to say that I never bothered going back to check that it came down successfully. Looking forward to an opportunity to get it installed… although I think I’m going to try an upgrade from FC4, which may not be advisable but I can’t face recreating various settings.

Here are some of the articles I’ve been reading to work myself into a state of anticipation at all the Linuxy goodness:

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5 responses to “Fedora Core 6 round-up

  1. may I ask: why FC and not Ubuntu? =)


  2. ubuntuDeceivedME

    ubuntu is not a total free open source project !!!


  3. I wanted to asked the same as Timothy …

    Interested to know what you mean by “ubuntu is not a total free open source project !!!”?

    And then I am very bias since ubuntu is from a friend and fellow South African 🙂


  4. I’m a long-term RedHat user (since 5.x days).

    It was sold to me a long, long time back by a friend as the distro that all the enterprises were likely to support… which it has been, although I accept that SLES/Novell and Ubuntu and others have made great strides.

    So it’s largely historical. I know the RedHat way of doing things. I know people who work there, heck I even interviewed there myself. I like it, I’ve been happy with it, and so far I have found no reason to change. If I did change, Ubuntu would be my first choice of Debian-y alternative (but I’d probably go there via OpenSuSE, to be honest).


  5. “Interested to know what you mean by “ubuntu is not a total free open source project !!!”?”

    Because its NOT. They install proprietary drivers by default in many systems


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