New SOA Blog

Andrew Ferrier and Chris Tomkins have decided to start a new blog called SOA Tips ‘n’ Tricks, hosted here on Since these guys work on developing our WebSphere product offerings in this area, this new blog is bound to be worth following. Add it to your feedreader today!

Marten Gustafson comments that he’d like to see something similar for WebSphere Message Broker. Straw poll – what would my readers prefer – Broker tips rolled into the SOA Tips ‘n’ Tricks blog, more Broker content posted here on my blog, or something separate? It has certainly got me thinking… watch this space…

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1 thought on “New SOA Blog”

  1. Glad to see you’ve joined the SOA tips ‘n Tricks blog. Personally I’d prefer a WMB blog, preferably with people from the product team contributing content.

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