Daily Archives: November 7, 2006

Mark Cathcart’s new blog

I discovered via a pingback on one of my first entries that Mark Cathcart has resurrected his work-related blog. That went straight onto my links list, and into my feedreader.

Mark is one of IBM’s Distinguished Engineers. I’m delighted to read that he’s also now Chief Solutions Architect for System p, since I’m a huge fan of that platform. I’ll be following the blog with interest.

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VMX Builder – quickly create VMWare images

Anyone tried VMX Builder yet? It’s a Windows utility that lets you quickly create ready-configured VMWare images.

Not only that, but the VMWare Utilities page where this tool is hosted – evidently not an official VMWare site – also lists a whole bunch of other useful-looking tools like virtual disk editors and the like. Need to explore this in more detail.

Buddy icons for social networks

Found via the Plazes blog:

mypictr is a service that allows you to easily crop and resize your photo for several social networks.

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I know I use a whole bunch of social networking sites like Plazes, Flickr, OpenBC/XING, LinkedIn, MySpace… and several IBM internal sites… and then there are all the instant messenging products that want me to provide a buddy icon… so this is quite neat.

Hursley in the new world

New World Notes features an interview with our very own epredator Potato in Second Life, including information about the Hursley build.

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