Daily Archives: November 9, 2006

A global market?

Someone explain this.

My wife wanted to buy a particular brand of swimming goggles. We found them on a US website. So far we’ve completely failed to find any UK suppliers. The manufacturer has a US website, which is in fact that of a local distributor. They also allegedly have an international website, which is down / unavailable / not found.

The US distributor, and another US company, have the option to buy online, but they won’t ship outside of the USA and Canada. They also won’t take payment from outside of those countries. I had a brief IM session with one of them via a natty little popup Java chat window, but they were unable to help.

What makes swimming goggles any different from DVDs, books, or anything else I might choose to buy online from the US?

Muchos thanks to my helper. You know who you are *wink*

WebSphere Message Broker

The latest fixpack for WebSphere Message Broker was just released. I’ll be downloading it as soon as I can. Check out the release notes.

Got a PC problem? Don’t rely on PC World!

Fairly shocking reports about the competence of PC World repair centres in the UK.

In most cases, I’m already set up for helping my family with PC problems. The article appears to focus on “renders the machine unbootable” type errors such as loose internal cables or deleted Windows boot files. In those cases, I’d still have to go visit… but that’s probably no bad thing. Rather that, than loss of data, high costs, and more brokenness. Plus, it’s just more fun 🙂

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