Daily Archives: November 11, 2006

Photographic assignment

Newborn 2

Today, we went down to Gosport to take some photos of our new niece (6 weeks old) and her 2-and-half-year old sister. It was an interesting exercise. They have a huge window onto the garden, so we had plenty of natural light, and the girls were very well-behaved. Favourite word for getting a smile from the older one is “Dinosaur!”.

The above shot is from a few that I took only a week after she was born… the new ones are under wraps, since they may be used as gifts by the proud parents.

Black tie

Great evening last night with some of the eightbar folks. I didn’t take my camera – it was one of those occasions when I wished I had a decent compact. Fantastic venue called Lainston House. We did get slightly lost on the way there – proof that satnav is not infallible, especially when it doesn’t have the numbers for the road in question.

It has been a few years since I went to a black tie dinner… at university and shortly after, they were commonplace, but I certainly haven’t been out to a formal dinner since I got married. We had a great time.