Daily Archives: November 18, 2006

Kelly on the move

Kelly has decided to merge her web presences into her WordPress.com blog. I’m pleased that she’s giving WP.com another try, as I was responsible for enticing her over in the first place, and I was a bit disappointed that she and WP didn’t get on.

Go and check her out – she’s one of the more interesting bloggers in my feed reader, and I’m proud to count her as a great friend, who I just happen to have met through blogging. She’s also a fellow IBMer, a Web 2.0 addict, a cool mom, a technology junkie, a great writer, a fantastic wit… the list goes on, but ultimately, Kelly defies definition 😉

Upgrade in progress

I’m installing Fedora Core 6 at last.

Currently upgrading my FC4-vintage workstation. FC6 correctly detected my software RAID setup and even offered to install the bootloader on a RAID partition. Right now it is rolling through the upgrade process. I’ll report back later if it works… and move on to the network upgrade of my FC2 web and mail server…

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