Late trains

The 06:16 train was 1 hour and 12 minutes late this morning. The 06:46 was 37 minutes late. My “usual” train, the 07:16, was “Delayed”.

I managed to cram myself in to the late running 06:46. Comfort was not a factor.

On arrival at Waterloo, I found that the Central Line was suspended, so I had to go around the long way to Shepherds Bush via the Hammersmith and City Line.

I actually got in to the office only 20 minutes late.

One response to “Late trains

  1. And, for once, the DLR was working just fine 🙂

    Whenever I incur travel problems, I always check the BBC London News web page to see if there’s any information or explanation. Normally, when the District or DLR is down, you get absolutely nothing.

    Today, when the *Central* Line was down, guess what…. an article appears! I’m sure it’s just coincidence that BBC staff would have been affected by a Central line problem…..


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