Certified Solution Developer, WMB v6

I just received notice that I’m officially an IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Message Broker v6. I’m actually licensed to go out and use the product now. Be afraid! 🙂

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7 responses to “Certified Solution Developer, WMB v6

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  2. Congrats Andy .. now I know on whose door to come knocking for all my WMB solutions 🙂


  3. great news.. I might also have to lean on your for some help someday 😉


  4. Congratulations – to you and to the team who put this test together.
    Overall it is quite reasonable.

    Fyi, I am moving to Barclays Global Investors in January.
    Wesołych swiąt!

    [edited 15/12/06 andyp to clean up some information]


  5. Thanks Mike, and Happy Christmas to you too. Maybe I’ll bump into you again soon.


  6. Tom Leonardis

    Michael Sarni from West Orange? Contact me.


  7. Tom, this Michael Sarni is from London… Sorry


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