Certified Solution Developer, WMB v6

I just received notice that I’m officially an IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Message Broker v6. I’m actually licensed to go out and use the product now. Be afraid! 🙂

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  1. […] As noted by Andy the grandfathering for the WMBv6 Solution Developer came through today. For thoose who didn’t follow the, somewhat badly updated, Salzburg blog I also scored a couple of certifications while at IBM Transaction and Messaging conference last week namely: IBM Certified Administrator MQ 5.3 and 6, IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer, IBM Certified Administrator Broker 5, IBM Certified Solution Designer Broker 5. The Broker 6 Administration certification will be available (GA’d in IBM lingo) sometime during December… […]

  2. Congratulations – to you and to the team who put this test together.
    Overall it is quite reasonable.

    Fyi, I am moving to Barclays Global Investors in January.
    Wesołych swiąt!

    [edited 15/12/06 andyp to clean up some information]

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