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Roo has posted more detail on today’s event over at the eightbar blog (which I think is the closest blog there is to a “spiritual home” of IBM and Virtual Worlds, given that both of our Metaverse Evangelists started out there).

I was delighted to be able to play a part in the day. I think we’ve been doing some amazing stuff, particularly in terms of our use of social networking tools, and it was great to engage with people to discuss our use of blogging, social networks, and virtual worlds.

I thought I’d post a few additional shots of the Think Tank session that Roo mentions.

We split into two groups to make the conversation slightly more manageable. Timeless Prototype’s magic table and chairs were put to good use!

Algernon Spackler moderated the discussion group that I was in. All our base are belong to him!

As well as journalists, we were lucky to have luminaries from across the Second Life community join us to participate in the conversations:

The event was held in one of our conference domes. The virtual Hursley build can be seen in the background.


Footnote: I spotted another Second Life reference in coverage of another event that is underway at the moment, the SWG Analyst Briefing in Stamford, Connecticut.

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