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Second Life roundup

Some interesting things from Second Life:

  • the property mogul Anshe Chung has made her first, real, million. It was page 3 news in the Metro, the free London morning paper. In theory, thousands of Londoners will create themselves Second Life accounts today, in the hope of making a mint. Maybe not though, since this is in the “Weird” category on the Metro website…
  • Linden Lab have announced some significant changes around the visibility of Friends in the next update (tentatively, tomorrow). This is certainly welcome news. You can now set more granular controls as to whether people can see you online, and on the map – bringing an end to “mapping” whereby someone can teleport in to your business meeting or presentation.
  • As part of the same update, all private islands are going to become visible on the world map. Interesting!

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Changing habits

Once upon a time, not so long ago[1], I was new to all this Web 2.0 and social networking stuff. I got an account on Flickr, and started commenting on people’s photos. Then I started friending people, and built up a large network. I’d visit Flickr at least once a day, and often several times.

I started blogging, and the same thing happened. I was addicted to my hit count.

Somewhere in the past few months, my habits have changed. I barely go to Flickr any more. It isn’t that I don’t have a lot of friends there, I just don’t have the time right now. I try to keep up with blogs, but mostly through my feedreader on the train in the morning / evening, so I probably don’t comment as often as I used to.

I’ve got accounts on Upcoming, Plazes, MySpace and elsewhere, but frankly these are all just tools. My interest hasn’t waned, but my time has 😦 

[1] points awarded for those who correctly identify this TV reference

Lies, damned lies and statistics

From my blog stats page today:

kelly statistics

Popular lady.

I hope Himself isn’t reading this 🙂


I dropped off the radar for a day, as I was in IBM Warbrook for a personal development course entitled Mentoring for IBM.

Supporting / helping / mentoring / coaching others is something that I’m drawn to do naturally, so over the past few years I’ve developed mentoring relationships with several people. They have seemed to work well – although obviously that’s only my perspective! Yesterday’s course was a good way of learning what tools and techniques I can use to improve the effectiveness of those relationships in the future. It also gave me the opportunity to learn from others, what has worked well for them.

It was a great day, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to take a day off-site to go and do something different, and (hopefully!) improve my skills. As a bonus, I got to meet a great group of people, coming from all areas of our business – it served as a reminder of how diverse IBM is as an organisation. Not only that, but part of the learning experience was to practice and be practiced on, so I got some excellent advice on different issues that have been in my mind lately. One other thing that it reminded me was that I probably need to spend more time as a mentee, sometimes – there is so much that I can learn from others.

Certified Solution Developer, WMB v6

I just received notice that I’m officially an IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Message Broker v6. I’m actually licensed to go out and use the product now. Be afraid! 🙂

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