Ventura is revealed

A number of posts emerged yesterday which (publically) surface some information about the forhcoming Lotus Ventura platform:

I’ve been a user of IBM’s internal blogging platform – known as BlogCentral, and based off of Roller – for well over a year now. Several people (my customers, our salespeople, friends) have asked me about whether IBM has product in this area in the past. Well, it’s coming – and it is going to be integrated with a lot more good stuff, like our directory service, communities, and our social bookmarking system called Dogear.

As “the ATOM dude” aka James Snell says:

The really cool part is that Ventura is 100% derived from stuff IBM has been using internally for quite some time. Blogging, social bookmarking, activities, bluepages, communities… these aren’t brand new shelfware things we’re not sure anyone will use.; thousands of IBMers are using these tools every day. Cool, eh?

This is the culmination of a lot of work, and having been part of our internal community in this space, I’m really excited to see it beginning to go public.

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