I’m probably the last Joss Whedon fan in the world to see it, but on Saturday I picked up the series box set of Firefly from HMV for less than half price, and last night I watched the opening double header, “Serenity”.

Errr – wow!

I’m a long-term Whedon addict (Buffy/Angel/any film he’s been involved with), so I expected good writing, but some of the interplay between characters was just superb. The effects were brilliantly done, and the music was just right. It’s clear that JW has a backstory in mind for all of the characters, and I just wonder how much of it I’ll get from the small number of episodes that were made.

I haven’t got the movie yet, although it has been on my wishlist for ages and Amazon are offering it at a reasonable price… more than can be said for HMV, otherwise I’d have picked it up at the time.

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8 responses to “Shiny!

  1. Welcome to the Serenifly ‘verse!
    Once you’ve been in Serenity, you never leave . . . you just learn to live there.


  2. I cant believe it’s taken you this long, firefly rules…


  3. I just discovered it myself. Saw Serenity this weekend after finishing the series. Awesome.


  4. I can’t believe it took you so long either!

    Although it was utter madness, I think I’m glad it got cancelled before they ran out of ideas. I hate programs that keep getting churned out long past their sell by date.


  5. I am a big fan of both firefly and serenity.
    I think there are plenty more ideas to do in the storyline and it is such a shame that the network killed it (not even before the end of the first season).

    It looks doubtful that anything more will come if it, but if it does I will be among the first to buy it!


  6. I have to check this out … I am a huge Buffy fan myself. At least I WAS, before it “jumped the shark”. Updating my Netflix queue now… 🙂


  7. At what point do you think that Buffy jumped the shark then? That site comes to no clear conclusion. Personally I don’t think it did.


  8. I read with interest yesterday (but didn’t get round to blogging) that Firefly is going to become a virtual world. Can’t wait.


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