Media on the TomTom GO

Here’s something I didn’t know I wanted – a media player for my TomTom GO 910.

I was reviewing my blog stats earlier, and noticed that someone had found my site with the search term “TomTomGO+910+playlist+software”.

Now, it’s true that I’d personally like an app to enable me to create or edit playlists on my TomTom. Right now, as I understand it, you create a .m3u file in Windows Media Player, and then upload it to the device – which drags in all the MP3s behind it. Cool, but doesn’t help me to create custom playlists from the music already on the device. So, I’m still interested in this topic.

Curious, I tried the search on the same string, and found a number of references to media players for TomTom devices.

It appears that there are two apps that enable video to be viewed on the TT: Media Studio from Makayama (which apparently converts DVDs for you, but from what I’ve read on various forums may have issues with ongoing TT firmware upgrades); and Media Center from MobilNova (which will play AVIs and MPEGs, and seems a little “safer” in terms of compatibility with firmware changes).

It seems that both apps by default won’t let you watch video on the move, but that feature can be disabled.

This is funky. I don’t currently have a portable media player (other than my laptop, I suppose). Clearly there’s no point in trying to use this whilst driving, but any passenger could get some use out of it.

I haven’t sprung for either of these apps yet. Can’t find any reviews of them, so I’m slightly nervous. Pretty cool, though, and I’m a total junkie for anything new like this πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Media on the TomTom GO”

  1. Based on the makayama site, they do not support any newer models.
    Watching video while driving is no problem for Mobilnova as it seems.

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