Using XSLT in WebSphere Message Broker

There’s a nice new article by Xiaoming Zhang on developerworks, describing how the XMLTransformation node works in WebSphere Message Broker. The XMLT node enables you to use XML stylesheets to transform your data. The article makes a nice companion my piece on the different transformation technologies available.

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  1. Hi Andy

    I’ve a rather basic question on XSLT support in IBM Websphere Message Broker v7.0. How exactly should one configure Message broker runtime to use the IBM Processor for XSLT 2.0? I deployed a (unit-tested) XSL v 2.0 stylesheet to message broker but at runtime, i get a stylesheet transformation error when it encounter the user-defined function and other such xcl v 2.0 specific statements. This xsl ran perfectly fine when i unit tested it using the Run Configurations -> XSL Transformation option but somehow, it does not work when deployed to message broker runtime.

    Is there any way out/am i missing something?


    1. Hi Niranjan, as I understand it, XSLT 2.0 support may arrive sometime after WMB v8 GAs in December – I’m not sure that you can make it work in v7, certainly not using the XMLTransform node. You might want to check via a formal support request with IBM. I don’t believe any commitment to deliver XSLT 2.0 support has been made.

  2. Thanks Andy for the clarification! I migrated my XSLT to 1.0 for now.
    It would be nice to see a future version of Websphere Message Broker that supports XSLT 2.0 so that we developers can leverage the power of v 2.0, given that XSLT is, performance-wise too, a great option for data transformation.

    I seek last few bits of information pertaining to two questions —
    1. Can one configure an external XSLT processor with Websphere Message Broker runtime?
    2. Can i use Message Broker’s default XSLT processor (1.0) to support EXSLT extension functions?


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