Daily Archives: December 15, 2006

Monitor recommendation

Very quick post to recommend the ASUS MB17SE. We just bought one for my in-laws, since their old CRT monitor was dying (picture reduced to a bright line in the middle of a black screen every now and then, unless punched). Good price, excellent picture quality and response time, built-in speakers, and a nice cable management setup. More than worth a look as a basic LCD monitor.

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On missing HackDay, and IBM in SL

Since I’ve been away this week, I missed two gala events – HackDay 2, and the news about our new islands in Second Life.

Can’t wait to see what HD2 has brought, so I’ll have to check that out on Monday when I get back to the intranet. I just sneaked a quick look at IBM 1 and IBM 8 in SL, and it all looks great. I’ll have to explore properly next week.

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