Daily Archives: December 16, 2006

Icicle by the stream

Icicle by the stream

Originally uploaded by andyp uk.

I had a great walk this morning with Ola’s dog Roy. We went up the mountain to look for some interesting photo opportunities. The snow we had earlier in the week has mostly melted due to a warmer couple of days. This morning it was about -1C so there is still a lot of ice about, and snow in the places where the sun has had less of a chance to melt it.

I spotted this long icicle where the stream was running over some rocks. The rock at the top of the picture was mostly covered in ice. The whiteness at the bottom of the shot is the running water (this was taken at 1/25 sec exposure). I was balanced on a rock in the middle of the stream, crouched down, with a long lens – and Roy was sitting patiently behind me, on his lead.

Had a great holiday, as usual.

Check out the other shots. More to come, but the satellite broadband connection is not the fastest way of uploading…