Daily Archives: December 18, 2006

Thank goodness for the command line

I’m trying to sort out some letters – trying to beat the Christmas posting dates (which we’ve failed to do, due to our holiday).

Unfortunately my Linux box is still dead, since I’ve not had time to tend to it properly and get it up-and-running. My address book is held in Evolution.

The FC6 boot CD, the “linux rescue” option, and some command-line tools came to my rescue.

Evolution stores the address book in Berkeley DB format. So, I booted into rescue mode, enabled my network interfaces, chroot’ed to /mnt/sysimage, and ran:

db_dump -p  /home/andyp/.evolution/addressbook/local/system/addressbook.db > /tmp/addr.out

Once I’d done that, I was able to FTP the resulting text file to my laptop, and use vi to search for the address entries (vcards) that I wanted. Primitive, but effective.

IBM’s new SL presence in pictures

The BBC News website has a nice short piece on IBM’s new 12-island complex in Second Life.

If you thought that was interesting, check out the full picturific post on eightbar.