Daily Archives: December 20, 2006

SAM – messaging from PHP

I just saw that  the Simple Asynchronous Messaging (SAM) project was announced on the ibm.software.websphere.mq newsgroup (which doesn’t appear in Google Groups, for some reason). It looks like it was originally announced on the PHP groups a few weeks ago.

I’ve not had much of a chance to look at this yet, but the idea of the project is to enable PHP developers to connect to WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker and the WebSphere Application Server v6 messaging provider. Looks great – I shall have to research it further.

Blog growth

The lost outpost featured in the WP.com Blogs of the Day Growing Blogs list yesterday (albeit quite a way down the list). This was presumably because I had another record day for hits, just short of the 500 mark. Nice addendum to yesterday’s post on the figures for the first year 🙂