The aftermath

Several people have started to comment on the Christmas goodies they received, and at least one person has asked me directly… so, among other things:

  • some CDs, which I’ve not had a chance to listen to yet (owing to our current lack of CD player / stereo) – Oasis, Queensryche, Ben Folds.
  • some DVDs – Pirates 2, Ice Age 2.
  • a great book – What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting (I will blog more on this soon) .
  • a fantastic box to store photos / camera equipment.
  • money and vouchers, which will go towards something camera-related. I can’t decide between a 430EX flash, a Lensbaby 2.0, or some other lens (and then I have to decide on something wide, telephoto, macro, or covering an existing range but at a higher quality than the 18-55mm kit lens; and Canon vs. Sigma/Tamron – gaaah – it’s all too hard!).

I also came home with some rather nice “vintage” camera equipment, which will also have to wait for another post.

Back at work. More (on all kinds of topics) soon.

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