Daily Archives: December 29, 2006

Adobe Reader 8 is out

I only just noticed this, so I’m not sure how long it has been public – you can now download Adobe Reader version 8 (for Windows and Mac, anyway… Linux is still at 7.0.8, it seems).

It’s quite nice. It seems nippy. The user interface has had quite a facelift, with floating buttons along the left hand side of the screen that pop out dialogs for comments or sidebars for page selection as appropriate, causing the main view to dynamically resize itself when needed. It is very clean, clear, and (on my system) fast. The one thing I definitely don’t like is that if you open the full search, it now opens a separate window alongside the main Reader window.

Of course, one of the first things I have to do when installing a new application is to check out the options or preferences. Reader 8 has a lot of them, including a bunch of options around identity and “online services” that want my email address. I haven’t looked at these too closely yet, and will probably avoid them.

One of the particularly interesting features appears to be the Adobe Connect integration – there’s a button on the toolbar (highlighted in the screenshot above) which should enable you to “Start a meeting and share documents”. I haven’t tried this yet – it seems like something you have to subscribe to, although a free trial is available. We have similar functionality in some of our internal applications at work, I’ll be interested to see how this compares with what I am used to.

Footnote – looks like it has been out nearly a month.

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