Ways to seem "happening"

Sugar Puffs Kellykins Our Kelly suggests adding as many events as possible to your Upcoming.org list, as a way of showing the world how trendy you are.

Mark them as “watching”, or if you think there is the slightest chance in hell you might attend (i.e. if someone lures you out of the house with the promise of chocolate-covered gin & tonics), mark it as “attending”.

It’s a fine plan. Roo introduced me to Upcoming last year. Over the past few months, I did pretty much exactly what Kelly suggests in her post. In fact, I’d really intended to attend as many of the events as I could, but I ran into a snag…

The problem is that events in Upcoming either have to be single-occurence, or span a period – and once you hit the start date, they slip from your Upcoming list. So, if I decide I want to remember to go to an exhibition or play, I have to choose the specific date, or create the event as covering a period of days/weeks/months, and keep remembering that it is still running by looking in my past events list. Doesn’t work for me. Generally speaking, I want to have an event that spans a timeframe, and just keep it in my list as a reminder to “go along at some point”. It shouldn’t expire from the list until the end date.

Ultimately, I only attended a couple of the ones I’d marked, as I didn’t go on the first day of the exhibition / play / whatever and they disappeared from the list.

Nevertheless, I’m going to keep trying to make use of it. I’ve just spotted a very useful list of photography exhibitions that are going to be on in London over the next month. Must add some of them to my Upcoming list, so that people think I’m hip…

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  1. For the record, I do actually have tickets for the Leo Kottke concert and plan on leaving the house to attend it. 🙂

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