Localized tornado

I first read about this on the train on the way to work yesterday… it appears that a tornado ripped the roofs off houses in Farnborough on Saturday afternoon.

This is less than a mile away from where we are – in fact it is only about 500m away. We were in all day and didn’t notice a thing. Amazing.

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6 thoughts on “Localized tornado

  1. No, but a bit of wood fell on the line at Basingstoke, and I had to stand on a very windy, wet and dark platform at the station in the morning while the train was 20 minutes late.


  2. Hi, I live in Farnborough, and in actual fact it was our garage roof that was ripped off and dumped in our neighbours garden, we also lost about 50 roof tiles and half a tree.


  3. Wow! Thanks for visiting my blog, Ceri. We live just down the road, and didn’t really notice anything. I read the articles in the local papers, and it made the London daily papers too. Hope you are getting back to normal.


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