Mobile phone annoyance


For the second or possibly the third time, my venerable Sony Ericsson T630 has “forgotten” all of the words I taught it for predictive texting. Since half of my family is Polish, there are quite a few words that we use often that are not in the phone’s standard repertoire.

Moments after finding that it no longer knew a particular word, it hung up completely, and couldn’t be switched off without removing the battery. When I switched it back on, it was OK again, but still with no memory of its previously-extended vocabulary.

Oh well.

4 responses to “Mobile phone annoyance

  1. Sounds familiar, My T610 used to do that too… every six months, almost on queue


  2. Interesting. I didn’t realise this was a common issue 😦


  3. I couldn’t even imagine using a phone without a fully keyboard. My last three phones are a Blackberry 8300c, Treo650 and Treo300.

    One of my colleauges who also has the 8300c wants to switch to the Blackberry Pearl. I don’t think I get it. Even if it is 2 letters per key, if the thing doesn’t know the word it isn’t going to guess.


  4. This was the last phone that IBM supplied me… nothing with a full keyboard available, and I’m so used to texting with a numeric keypad now, I am not sure I’d cope if I had one.


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