IBM, the Australian Open, and a virtual world

In case you don’t follow eightbar… and even if you do… Kelly Daly has just posted to her blog about the amazing new Second Life build that she and a group of other IBMers have created for the Australian Open tennis tournament:

for starters, we have built the stadium. And a large section of the surrounding grounds. The build currently includes Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court, Garden Square, Australian Open Shop […]

Smooth movement of ball by converting point data to position and velocity vectors and then utilising the Second Life physics engine.

It is one of the best builds I’ve seen, and the amount of work and attention to detail that has gone into it really make it stand out. I think it may be closed or oversubscribed at the moment (I just tried visiting again, and failed to get in to the sim), but be sure to visit when it is open to all.

Screenshots on the eightbar post, and in epredator Potato’s snapzilla stream (you’ll also find the slurl there).

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