The eye has it

Eye of the beholderA picture of one of Ola’s eyes. I took this as an experiment, trying out my new extension tubes.

She is a bit concerned about the lines under her eye – I think she’s been working too hard, personally. Ola says she wonders whether it is maybe time she bought herself a mean new Audi TT. Apparently, they take ten years off.  Any thoughts? Personally, I don’t like the look of the new model…

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4 responses to “The eye has it

  1. A quick spot of healing brush in PS is much cheaper 😉


  2. oh, I like Ola’s idea. Better yet, buy two. 🙂


  3. How close do the extension tubes let you focus? I would love to try them with my 28-125 lens and see if it is cheaper than buying a macro lens (I know it won’t be anywhere near as good, but will still be better than the current)


  4. Umm… well I couldn’t easily measure. Put it this way, the glass comes much closer to the subject – a few centimetres. I can always bring them down to Hursley for you to have a play… right now I don’t have plans to be down anytime soon, though.

    Incidentally, you can get tubes which interface with the autofocus system, the ones I picked up are just the cheapest of the cheap ones.


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