Lotusphere 2007 – anticipation building

Sadly I won’t be in Orlando for next week’s big event, Lotusphere 2007… but I know a lot of people who will be there.

How can they trump last year’s Sametime 7.5 buzz? I don’t know, but if you follow celebrity Lotus bloggers such as Ed Brill, Alan Lepofsky, Steve Castledine and Mary Beth Raven, you know you will be able to keep up with all the news.

I think there may be some very nice announcements to look forward to, so I shall be following the news avidly.

Good to see that James Governor is excited, too.

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One response to “Lotusphere 2007 – anticipation building

  1. I see over at Ed Brill that they’ve got a brand spanking new live-blogging platform available …wonder if I can talk them into making it available for RSDC 2007?


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