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Following the discussion about managing digital music, I signed up for the free version of during the week, to see what the fuss was about.

So far: interesting! A little app on the desktop “scrobbles” (tells the server) what you are listening to, and the information is used to let your friends know. You can also get streams of similar / recommended music based on what you are listening to. If you take out a paid subscription, you can create your own radio streams to share with your friends.

It doesn’t have the immediate fun of “quipping” that Mugshot provides, but it looks like it could be quite interesting. It attempts to work out your musical compatibility with others, based on the similarity of your interests.

I’ve found a few of my contacts from the blogosphere on already, but if you use it (or feel like trying it out) and I haven’t friended you yet, feel free to friend me instead – check out my profile. I haven’t listened to a huge amount of music yet, but obviously that will grow over time…

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