Second Life IS work

Had a couple of days of Second Life-related activity.

I spent yesterday in the company of the exceptionally cool Roo Reynolds, one of IBM’s Metaverse Evangelists. It was great to learn more about our thinking in terms of virtual worlds… and I even introduced him to Mugshot and Windows Live Writer, so I like to think I had an impact on his life, too.

Today, I helped a colleague present on virtual worlds and Eightbar to an internal audience in London; and this afternoon I gave my own presentation to another internal group in Canada. Both experiences were very enjoyable – there’s a wow factor when you move from presenting a set of slides, to zooming around a three dimensional space, to showing off some of the stuff that we’ve been building on the IBM Island Complex.

Back to more usual activities next week.

11 thoughts on “Second Life IS work”

  1. Thanks Andy. It was great to finally spend more than 10 minutes together (and I was about to post about our day, and Mugshot and Live Writer, when my blog’s hosting went squiffy. Sniff). Glad you had an enjoyable day doing your own evangelising. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s cool that you’ve been in Second Life doing things. I’ve only been in there once to check out the Second Life Library, but we’ve been discussing SL at our library and I’ve been thinking about trying to get back in and check it out. The only problem I have is that I’m so busy in my First Life that I can hardly think about roaming around virtual worlds.

    I still think it’s cool though.

  3. Roo – indeed. Hope to get more opportunities to work with you in the future.

    Heidi – we’re doing some interesting things, feel free to come and visit the IBM islands in SL (search for IBM on the main map). Yes, it is always difficult to balance real life and SL!

  4. I think it’s interesting that IBM is getting involved, it’s a really innovative thing. I’ve been a bit closed off to what other organizations are doing in SL since I only really frequent the library blogs but it’s nice to see other companies trying out these things too.

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