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Film photography is hard

Over Christmas, my grandfather’s old Pentax ME camera emerged from a cupboard at my mother’s house. I’d used it before, a few times when I was a teenager, to take some macro photos of flowers for a project I was working on at school. I never really understood what I was doing in terms of aperture, exposure etc. – I was using the camera in a mainly point-and-shoot manner, and it seemed to just work.

When I picked the camera up again last month, I was so excited – all of a sudden, having used my DSLR, I understood all these settings like aperture, ISO and so on. I could use the camera “properly”!

I loaded up a Kodak ISO 200 film and proceeded to play. The camera came with 28mm and 50mm lenses, an extension tube, some close-up filters, and a flash. I bought a couple more lenses on eBay. I tried shooting into the light tent; took it to Alice Holt Forest; and finished the roll in the British Museum this weekend. I rewound and unloaded the film, but found that the end had got slightly stuck in the end of the door, so I knew I might lose a couple of exposures.

Fortunately, there’s a branch of Snappy Snaps about 100 yards from where I’m working at the moment, so I took the film to get developed this morning, and picked it up at lunchtime.

Out of 24 exposures, only 7 came out.

Those seven are a long, long way from being my finest work.

Most frames seem to be woefully underexposed. Odd, because the camera has electronic TTL aperture priority metering, and I’m used to shooting in aperture priority mode with the Canon EOS 350D, so I assumed I’d have no problems.

I may scan some later, so that people can point and laugh.

It feels like I have a lot – a LOT – to learn 😦

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Mitchell and Webb in UK Mac ads

I know Kelly has previously talked excitedly about the Mac ads.

Last week, I noticed that there were some new ones on Apple’s US site.

This morning, there was a full-spread advert in Metro. It has the same style, but features UK comedians Mitchell and Webb. There are video versions on the Apple UK site. Cool 🙂