Adobe Photoshop Lightroom available for pre-order

After a number of beta releases, Lightroom is now available for pre-order and Adobe are saying that it will ship by the end of February.

Although I’ve never been as comfortable with Lightroom as I was with Rawshooter, it is a good tool and I’m looking forward to the full version being made available. As a Rawshooter owner, I should be eligible for a free upgrade; the full version costs $299 and the discounted pre-order price is $199, which I believe compares favourably with Apple’s Aperture software.

I’ve written about Lightroom before, and I don’t have a great deal to add right now, especially since I’m hoping that the various niggles I’ve had might be fixed or changed in the final version. Specifically I’m hoping that they sort out the import of Rawshooter settings; do something more intelligent about export location; allow more zoom levels in the Develop module; and improve the performance… (!)

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