Go for a walk in London

This is an interesting new take on the major pedestrian routes in London.

Hands up who isn’t reminded of the Tube map?

 According to the Space Syntax site:

The first aim of the London Pedestrian Routemap is to encourage walking in London. It does this by providing a simple, memorable picture of key walking routes in the Capital. At present there is no such map. The Routemap shows how key places connect by straightforward routes of varying character.

I like the look of this. I don’t think it is likely to replace the A-Z, but the approach is very cool. The only thing I’m slightly unsure about is the choice of names for some of the routes. I don’t associate the central/eastern end of what is labelled the “Shopping route” as being anything to do with shopping, I start to think of that (combined with the “Northern route”) as the City.

I don’t get lost in London half as much as I used to, but I still get disoriented quite easily. I can never shake off the mistaken idea that White City lies east of Shepherds Bush, for a start. Confusing.

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3 thoughts on “Go for a walk in London”

  1. I think it’s a great idea. I’m always getting lost around London Left to my own devices I’d probably get the tube to go somewhere in walking distance just because I don’t know how to walk there!

    But ‘Monuments routes’ (blue) and ‘Monuments route’ (orange)? Now I’m getting confused again..

  2. Yes, precisely. I like the concept, but there are a couple of details to be worked out.

    The A-Z remains indispensible if I’m going somewhere new. Or a careful check on Google Maps beforehand, and a really good memory.

  3. There’s quite a cool map for working out how long it would take you to walk between tube stations (rather than taking the tube) here:


    It doesn’t come with any clues about which roads to take – so it’s only really useful to Londoners with a good working geography of the city anyway… Which pretty much makes it redundant, as if you know how to get between stations, you probably know how long it would take without looking at the map…

    Hmm… actually, maybe it’s not so handy after all.

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