Snow? What snow?

I woke up yesterday morning to find about 3 inches of snow on the car, just as forecast. This was the scene at 7.30 in the morning.

(click through for the main image)

Snow flats

“Brilliant!”, I thought, “Hursley in the snow, that will look fantastic!”. So I grabbed my cameras and headed down to the lab.

As I drove down the M3, the snow became shallower, and the precipitation more sleety.

By the time I got to Winchester, there was still a light covering of snow, but not much. I hurried round to the lawn to see what shots I could find. Just before 9, Hursley House looked like this.

Hursley in the snow

Clearly, the warm January had fooled the flowers into making an early start. Appropriately, there were snowdrops.

Under the trees

By the time Roo and I went on a tour of the site with a visitor at around 3 in the afternoon, the snow had all gone.

Hursley House after the thaw

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