Starbucks cards, the proof

You may remember the discussion a few months ago about the introduction of Starbucks cards here in the UK. Mark Cathcart was good enough to send me a card from the US, loaded with a small sum in dollars, and I can now declare that the system does work internationally. I used the card to purchase a coffee and a muffin on my way to work in Shepherds Bush. I have no idea how they calculated the exchange rate.

I’m still not likely to use a card much, but I’m considering charging one up and using it when I’m in Las Vegas in April (21st-27th). If I remember from last year, there’s a Starbucks kiosk by the lifts, and another on the way from the reception to the conference suite in the Rio hotel…

So, thanks Mark. That was an interesting little experiment 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Starbucks cards, the proof”

  1. Andy, you need to take care with loading up a card, its often the case that places look like Starbucks, have the Starbucks logo all over the place but are not Starbucks, the prime example of this is the coffee shops inside Barnes and Noble.

    When I lived in NY, there was a Barnes and Noble in my apartment building, I can’t tell you how many times I stoood in line and the person in front had their Starbucks card declined.

  2. Yep — and in particular I know of a Starbucks in one of the Vegas hotels that did not take the card. I was annoyed, but oh well.

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