The Spike is back

Continuing the analysis of the growth (or not) of traffic to the site. Since Steve highlighted my previous post on the topic in his presentation at Lotusphere, it would be rude not to 🙂

Over the past months things have been fairly poor. For some reason the blog nearly disappeared from the Google index, and as a result I wasn’t getting much traffic from searches. As the chart shows though, I was still averaging around 250 hits per day even without that traffic, which I think is fair – peaking a little over 300 and dipping into the 100s at weekends. Unfortunately it doesn’t bear out my previous statement where I felt that my ~700 hits/day during January represented “sustained growth”, since it settled back to December levels. Clearly there is a way to go in terms of building long-term readership.

Late last week I noticed a small growth in daily hits, and popping some terms into Google it looks like the site is mostly back.

As you can see, on Thursday the site saw its single best day ever, easily doubling the previous record. This was mostly caused by a spike in hits on the infamous tax disc post, so again I theorise that a bunch of people got their renewal notices mid-month (the previous high of 1459 was also on 16th Jan, followed by this one of 3074 on 16th Feb).

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4 thoughts on “The Spike is back”

  1. Well it is tax disc time for my car, and I received not one but two letters from the DVLA to remind me. The second of which appeared in the middle of last week, which would support your theory.

    I managed to get through the online process without referral to your post though 😉

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