Daily Archives: February 20, 2007


After 3 separate calls to Pipex over a three-week period, I’ve finally been regraded to an 8Mb service.


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New computer, old peripherals

So one of the issues I’ve had with the MacBook is that whilst it is brand sparkling and shiny new, much of the rest of my hardware is not.

My printer, for instance, is a very nice and usable HP LaserJet 1100. Less than a decade old. No native OS X driver though.

My scanner, a cheapo A4 Packard Bell Diamond Plus 1200 (a rebadged Mustek BearPaw 1200CU) is not recognised by Image Capture.

In both cases, open source software came to the rescue.

The printer is attached to my home Linux server and shared via Samba. The problem is that OS X doesn’t list a driver for it in the Printer Setup Utility. The solution is hpijs. Install the two packages, and it’s all good: the driver now appears in the much-extended list.

The scanner puzzled me for a little bit longer. In the end, I followed the instructions for the Mustek A3 scanner on this page, but downloaded the appropriate gt68xx drivers (ps1fw.usb, PS1Dfw.usb, PS1Gfw.usb – wasn’t sure which one to go for, so I went with all 3). I then edited the SANE settings to uncomment any lines that mentioned the BearPaw 1200 or Diamond Plus 1200 (since I wasn’t sure precisely which one I might need). The upshot is that my scanner now appears in Image Capture through SANE.


Credit cards, phones, and train carriages

My trip home last night. Just how insane do you have to be to order your airline tickets to Australia on a packed commuter train out of London Waterloo, on a mobile telephone, split across three different credit cards?

And yes, she did read out the security code for each one, too.

If I was an evil person, I could have a lot of fun at this point.