After 3 separate calls to Pipex over a three-week period, I’ve finally been regraded to an 8Mb service.


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5 responses to “Regraded

  1. For free? I’m one step away from dumping pipex and moving to sky.


  2. My cost has actually gone down – but I’ve gone from an unlimited service to a capped one (having checked that I’ve never yet actually exceeded the limit in the past ~7 years I’ve been with Pipex). I’ve been with them a long, long time and I’ve been generally extremely happy. Having said that, I installed Sky for my mother recently, and that went well too.


  3. 8mb? I pity those who don’t live in London….

    28mb for 24 pounds/month with be.


  4. Indeed, some of us do still live in the dark ages. And pay less for parking and transport. Outside of London, you can even buy a coffee for less than £1.50 😛


  5. Good point. That’s why I don’t drink coffee anymore, I just drink liquid internets….


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