Daily Archives: February 21, 2007

I’ll regret this


Roo on a Plazes rampage

It looks like Roo is discovering new Plazes at a rate of knots.

I can’t keep up!

Social networking through social wine drinking

An enjoyable evening in the company of Dennis, James, Roo, Richard, Hugh, Al and Kyb.

Bedales in Spitalfields is a nice place, although it reminded me of how I frequently wish I knew more about wine – fortunately, Richard and I were guided by both James, and the expert staff.

More feeds for my feedreader. I shall enjoy these. Can’t believe I hadn’t subscribed before.

Good conversations, too. More peer pressure over Twitter – James spent much of the evening receiving updates fed to his phone. I still don’t think I can go there, my impression is that it will be far too intrusive. Opinions split over Scoble – is he still A-list or has he slipped to C-list?

Lots of Macs and Mac talk, although I didn’t have mine with me.

Plus, an opportunity to catch up with Roo on the way home (this came after the part where he smashed all the wine glasses[1], and the part where he scribbled furiously in a Moleskine every 45 seconds). Remarkably unruffled by his latest brush with fame. I’m just sorry that I’ll miss his talk today. And it’s a shame that I wasn’t able to get to the Future of Web Apps conference that Al had been at, too.

I think it’s important to extend blogging contacts via social events. I need to make more of an effort to do this in future. Given how often I’ve been in London of late, it wouldn’t be too hard to choose a date and venue and advertise a gathering.

[1] OK, OK, wine glass, singular. See, you can’t smash things in virtual worlds.

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