21 thoughts on “I’ll regret this”

  1. @Per: The point is Declarative Living.

    More seriously, there are a variety of ways you can use Twitter. Some use it as a micro-blogging platform. It can also be useful as a diary, or a way of letting others know where you are (although I also use Plazes for that).

    I just climbed on board, and I’m uncertain about it too. Watch this space for updates.

    @Tim: but you’re so wrong about Second Life 😉

  2. I just installed Twitterlex for my Dashboard, and put a What I’m Doing entry into my sidebar. I really need to play with the stylesheet and reduce font sizes to fit more onto the page.

    If I get bored with all the notifications today, I guess the Twitter backlash will have begun.

  3. Oh yeah, and I updated my Mugshot profile to point at Twitter too. That was the main reason why my Twitter went public, actually (I was going to restrict to contacts only). So presumably my Mugshot contacts will start to be bombarded with my activity updates, which will probably slow to a crawl once I’m actually working.

  4. well I’ve worked out my ‘doing’ on my blog is probably better managed through twitter, need to find a little more on their API’s and work out how to remotely update twitter..

  5. Just jumped on board Twitter right now, some of my other contacts have been talking about it and I’ve been passively reading about it. Not sure if it’ll stick yet but I guess that depends on how active your network is too…if it’s as easy as IMing updates then I might actually use it. I always have Gmail and therefore GTalk open both at work and at home.

    I could never get the Mugshot client to work, it would always say that it was waiting to be logged in even though I was logged in. I may have officially abandoned that one, without the desktop client working I don’t see myself being motivated to visit the website for updates on other people. Maybe I’ll try it again when I get my new computer and my old one restored.

  6. First full day and that was fun!

    @heidi: shame about Mugshot 🙁
    You can definitely IM updates but the twitter bot seems to pop on and offline (much like the service – maybe I’ll rename it ‘stutter’)
    I’ve been texting, IMing and entering via the web so far. When I get my phone bill I may regret it.

  7. I don’t know why but I kind of like Twitter, maybe because sometimes it’s easier to just post a quick note to twitter than it is to post to my blog. I can also do it relatively easily at work too.

    Still not sure if it’ll stick but so far not bad. I like that I can get IM back of what other people are doing too so I’m not relying on checking in on the Twitter site all the time.

  8. Not all workplaces are keen on Twitter – I heard of a place this week where attempting to access the site triggered their “Internet usage policy” screen. It’s kind of cool. I may not use it all that much but it has been an interesting experiment so far.

  9. I hope you didn’t end up regretting it. Remember all the positive impact you had on the world, all the friends you met, and all the joy you shared.

    Sure, the destination wasn’t what we all hoped for – but the journey was worth it, I think.

    1. Thank you. And yes, it was worth it – I’m proud of what Twitter was, and what my team and friends there built and achieved.

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