Roo on a Plazes rampage

It looks like Roo is discovering new Plazes at a rate of knots.

I can’t keep up!

6 responses to “Roo on a Plazes rampage

  1. None of us can.


  2. Plazes seems a bit broken at the moment.. I’m just getting the top level apache directory!!


  3. “Sorry, we are currently experiencing to many requests on!”

    I think roo might have overloaded it ?? 😉


  4. Yes, it wobbled earlier.
    It seems to be working now.


  5. Incidentally, feel free to add me as a contact if you use Plazes – andypiper.


  6. will do.. been sorting out my internal IBM blog and getting ECTO reconfigured to post to it… moving to a t60p and all that…


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