Daily Archives: February 25, 2007

No sign of my Lightroom upgrade

Looking around the blogosphere, it seems a lot like most Rawshooter Premium owners have had their emails offering their Adobe Photoshop Lightroom upgrades already. Not me. I just sent a support request to Adobe asking where it is.

In the meantime, I’ve downloaded the trial version as advised in the FAQ. I haven’t actually fired it up yet though, as I’m needing to transfer my library from Windows. Plan is to upgrade the Windows beta version to 1.0 using the trial version; and then work out how to transfer it across to the Mac (I can’t find any pointers on how to do this, unfortunately… and since I’ve been using LR for a while now, I really would rather not lose my existing library).

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Yarp. Narp?

Last night we saw Hot Fuzz.

I actually wasn’t massively keen on Shaun of the Dead – it was funny, but just a little bit too weird, and I’ve never been a big horror fan so I probably didn’t get all of the movie references sprinkled through the film.

Hot Fuzz was different – I completely “got” the genre and the things they were sending up. Very British, very funny. The whole premise of a hot-shot urban cop being relegated to some sleepy backwater village was a nice set-up for some great observations on both the police service (not force, that implies aggression) and local village life in England. It was obviously well-researched – we loved the parts where the official police vocabulary was invoked, and the regional dialect was brilliantly done too. One or two gory bits, done in an amusing way. The last part of the film was just superb – without giving too much away, the shootouts were hilarious.

Trailers for Magicians and the next Simon Pegg film, Run, Fat Boy, Run. Looks like the next few months should be good for British comedies at the cinema.

And I just have to add – By the Power of Grayskull! (a cultural reference that was lost on my wife and sister-in-law, who laughed their heads off through much of the film, but must have missed so many of the cool bits)

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